Vineyards & Terroirs

Domaine de l'Oratoire Saint-Martin covers 25 hectares located in the village of Cairanne only. Most of the vineyard is in the Northeast of the commune, at an altitude of 200 meters on steep hills in an area commonly called "the mountain" in the localities of Saint-Martin, Les Douyes and Coustias.

These steep hillsides require the use of crawler tractors on the steepest ones. The lower and mid-slopes have a quaternary colluvium soil with pebbles, limestone gravels and yellow and grey marls.

In the South of Saint-Martin, we find the traces of the limit of the last seashore in the Rhone Valley. They represent by themselves a piece of the history of Earth. In the South, the blue marls alternate with sandy beds.

On the high hillsides of les Douyes and Saint Martin, the terroir changes with the slope. The grey and beige lacustrine marls are adorned with more and more regular banks of limestone pebbles. The presence of active limestone in our soils is very important.

These clay soils are a real strength at a time when we are experiencing increasingly long droughts. The high percentage of old vines (more than 40 years old), some of which are a hundred years old, is also a real asset to express the quintessence of our terroirs.

We devote 75% of our production to our red wines and 25% to the whites.

For the reds, the vineyard is mainly composed of Grenache noir (approx. 55%), Mourvèdre (the domain's favorite grape variety, 25%), Syrah (20%) and a few old grape varieties such as Counoise, Vaccarèse or Muscardin planted in small quantities to bring a touch of additional complexity.

For the whites, it is mainly Marsanne, Roussanne, Clairette and Grenache blanc.